Looking into Community

Throughout the course of day two we got to see that community can look different for everyone. Our community mapping activity showed that each of us has different relationships to the people, places, activities and identities that surround us, both locally and globally.

It’s important for us to think about how communities relate to each other in order to be active citizens. Together we considered how leadership becomes active citizenship when the change that is made is for the benefit of a community.

Fired-Up Map and Vision Building

We certainly ended this program with a bang! During the Fired-Up Map activity, an incredible range of issues were suggested as issues that spark passion for the Werribee Young Initiators. You grouped these issues into themes:

  • Discrimination and bullying

  • Access to Community Resources

  • Social Empowerment

  • Environmental Concerns

The vision boards you produced give a glimpse into a world where active citizens such as yourselves bring about the end of these complicated problems



Where to from here?

We want to thank all of you for being a part of this training intensive! It’s a privilege to learn from you and help you learn from each other. We can’t wait to start working with you on the youth-led project and find out how your values, skills, vision, passion and interests make positive change in your communities.

Feel free to contact us, here.

For a gallery of photos from the weekend, click here.