Elevator pitch

Now that the project is becoming ‘realised’ (yep, it’s a real, living thing now!) to help define it, we created an elevator pitch. Everyone in the group decided to create their own individual one over the week, then bring it back next week. Here is the quick one we created accompanied by the Mexican Cantina soundtrack.

The process :

1. Describe your project.
2. Identify your audience
3. What is unique about it? 1-2 sentences that pulls the audience in. Good to open this with a question.
4. Put it all together (reference your outcomes)

Our group elevator pitch: - insert music-

Old lady in the elevator: “Hey random person in the elevator! It looks like you are on the way to organise something.. what is it?”

Casey YLP team member:
(1. describing project) “Woowzas you are soo right. We are organising an event, which is an immersive debate with fellow leaders in the Casey area, followed by the creation of focus groups that will further explore ways to integrate Mental Health, Discrimination & Climate Change into school communities.

(2. identifiying audience for project) “It’s aimed at year 7-12’s in school communities.”

(3. Pull the audience in with a question) “Do you often find that there is a blindspot within our society in terms of Mental Health, discrimination and climate change? We think this can change within the strengthening of education within youth communities.”

(Bring it together) “ So that’s our idea, we want to spark something, and bring young leaders together to explore ways to foster discussion in these issues so there is less of a gap.”

- DING -