North Melbourne
Day 1


We’ve collated and harvested some of the exercises that we partook in during our intensive, as an opportunity for you to be reminded and reflect on the time you shared and the amazing ideas that emerged! Want to see pix from the weekend? Check them out, here.

Wall of wonder..

Early on Day One we did a huge exploration of human rights and values in our ‘Wall of Wonder.’ This activity gave everyone an opportunity to express what rights they believe people should be entitled to - a diverse array of rights and expectations - before mapping them against the 5 Victorian Values statements.

‘The Hoodie’

During the hoodie role-play, we had a lot of challenging conversations about how we identify difference and how we treat people who we perceive as ‘different’. It was excellent hearing debate around the room as everyone brought their individual perspectives to the activity. We also loved seeing all the budding actors in the room join in with the role-play and take each scenario to the next level.

Using the hoodie as a metaphor for other kinds of ‘differences’ such as race, language, religion, culture, gender and class, we opened up imagination and discussion to consider how each of these factors can affect people’s lives.



Foil tower challenge

Under high time pressure, Young Initiators were put into teams and tasked with the challenge of constructing the tallest tower possible using nothing but foil…