“I would recommend this program to a friend to promote awareness and to have a voice to be heard!”

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Outsider Witness & String debrief

This activity built up a lot of the connections in the room! The initiators displayed thankfulness for the vulnerability expressed in the room that was particularly displayed in the ‘Outsider Witness’ activity and exhibited kindness by sharing what they liked about others in the room.

Case studies

Matt from the YIP crew led an engaging activity that used different examples to demonstrate the various ways that these young initiators could make positive change in their communities. Features from Thankyou Water, PROJECT ROCKIT, Democracy In Colour and others provided practical examples of how to make positive change in their communities.

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The crew gave us a good glimpse into the things that they were fired up about and wanted to change! The most prominent issues discussed were police brutality, racism and the rights of indigenous Australians. These suggestions were based off personal experiences and reflection on why the issues were important to them. We hope that these issues form a good basis for the upcoming youth-led projects!

Young Initiators expressed uplifting aspirations for what their community would look like if it were free from such issues as racism, police brutality and the mistreatment of Indigenous Australians.


This physical symbol and act of hanging the leaves on the tree demonstrated the lasting impact and connections formed within this group! This worked to validate experiences and displayed that we are placing the pieces of a larger puzzle, process and purpose!
The young people had a moment of reflection as the poem was read out, and gave each individual a chance to reflect on the impact they have left within the space, and intend on leaving with their community.

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The cultural dancing and BBQ made for an entertaining and energy filled lunch break! Amazing Afro-beats and tunes from East Africa encouraged curiosity and the embracing of our unique cultural differences, inciting a deep level of pride and happiness!