We’ve collated and harvested some of the exercises that we partook in during our intensive, as an opportunity for you to be reminded and reflect on the time you shared and the amazing ideas that emerged!

New friends at the Casey Intensive

New friends at the Casey Intensive

Wall of Wonder

Early on Day One we did a huge exploration of human rights and values in our ‘Wall of Wonder.’ This activity gave everyone an opportunity to express what rights they believe people should be entitled to before mapping them against the 5 Victorian Values statements.

You organised the rights you brainstormed under six value headings:

  • Self Expression

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Honesty and Awareness

  • Education

  • Safety and Health

  • Equality and Equity

Living by our values

Through a long process of reflection, we individually explored the people, places, memories, values, passions and priorities that make us who we are. Based on the amount of groaning in the room, a lot of you found the ‘Prioritising Values” activity pretty challenging… but the final outcomes that were shared with the group provided a powerful insight into what each of you care about most.

Translating these values into craft produced some incredible and inventive creations. Alana’s ‘house’, Aastha’s ‘shelter’ and Fagota’s portrait of his mum represented the range of style and thinking in the room.

Casey’s soccer champions!

Casey’s soccer champions!


Foil Tower Challenge!

Under high time pressure, Young Initiators were put into teams and tasked with the challenge of constructing the tallest tower possible using nothing but foil! We were amazed by the teamwork and innovation which lead to the creation of some pretty incredible towers, even if the wind threatened their balance.

This activity helped us talk about leadership as an action that we take rather than a role. No one in the group was ‘in charge’, but everyone had an opportunity to lead by contributing skills and being part of a team.